Orange is the New Black

June 14, 2016

I don't know what I'd be in prison for but if I have to be put there, I hope I look like this all the time. Vain. Ugh. OITNB. This is what I have been watching religiously lately that I have been dreaming of it. Can I just say that I dreamt that I was with my sisters and cousin one night and we killed this girl. I remember it was like Hunger Games' blood bath because we're throwing arrows and shit and yeah someone threw an axe and hit my sister Mika's shoulder. I was damn scared. Then for some reason, I had a tourniquet in my bag, dashed some gin and that stopped the bleeding. Who knew? Back with the girl we killed, she died violently in our hands. We punched her do death and stabbed her even. Man, I don't even know if she's the one who threw the axe. Anyways, we also tried to conceal her body because apparently, we killed her in a mall garden. We then tried to throw it somewhere I can't remember. Dark times. It's only just a dream people. Don't freak out. 

I have finished watching season 2 and counting? Let's get it straight. I don't ever want to be in prison but this show is bomb. Here are my thoughts about the prisoners. I have a problem with Alex Vause. I think I don't like her. I mean, why do you guys like her again? I don't have a favorite character at this point yet but you know, just being nosey and checking everyone out. I'd like to say Chapman but nah, I think she's like Vause but you know, from a different perspective, I'm rooting on her. I kind of like Maritza's character but nah. Not much of a character I realized. A lot of attitude though. Also, she's pretty. Instinct tells me this Asian chick Brook should be my home girl but I haven't seen a lot of her yet. She's too loud for some reason. Mmm... I think I like Nicky. I can see myself in her for some reason. You know, looking after her friends and all that. I also like Morello. I mean, she's just so precious. And innocent if you ask me. Who else? I like Tiffany for some reason. I mean, I didn't like it when she was all cranky and all that but I learned to like her I think. I like Bennett only because he's cute but you know, gutless mothereffer. Sayang. I liked Rosa's little gesture. I mean, she did killed the Queen Vee so that's something. Maybe I don't like prisoners in general. Well of course. 

Anyways, I did a test from a website and this happened. TWICE. I actually have a love and hate relationship with Red but I can see some of our similar traits. That's all. And oh by the way, Red flirting with Healy is so uncalled for. Ciao!

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  1. I love OITNB, however I'm still only on Season 1 haha - I really need to catch up!

    1. Season 4 just came out so you're not really far behind :) Thanks for dropping by.