Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

June 06, 2016

This place has always been a part of me growing up. We go here probably once a year or two to watch the dolphins and all that shizz. I'm glad to be able to come back. 

To be honest, I don't remember anything. Must have been different pushing baby strollers than just walking on your own. 

Sea Paradise is indeed a paradise. It has 4 aquariums and a decent amusement park. I like it. Subtle.   


As much as I also like the idea of releasing them to their natural habitat, I can't complain because they all look so well fed. So keep it up.

Sea Lions
Beluga Whales

Way way back ago when we used to go to these shows, I once dreamed of becoming a trainer. I still want to become one. 

With Brybry 
Dolphin Fantasy

Just hangin' out with mah hommies.

Kare Rice 

Cute dolphin that's always ready for the camera. The dolphin is wounded though so maybe that's why he's in a different quadrant. 

Choo choo

I think this was our first ride besides the train. I also had headache after. The kids that we rode with were just playing and riding over and over again. 

Favorite ride ever. I miss this already. I think I read it somewhere that this is the longest rollercoaster? Fastest? Can't recall which.

I'm a sucker for sunsets and that time, I got to watch one. It was beautiful. 

Anchor ride

The place was so not crowded even it's a Holiday so we were able to ride then and there. Awesome isn't it?

Peter Pan's ride

I remember being terrified of this ride as a kid. I didn't really ride before but I had this notion that this is a scary ride so glad to be able to break past that. 

The Tower

Can I just say that this concept should be a thing. Everyone sits and the thing goes up, and you appreciate the view. Most of the time, it's you queuing, and walking, and make your way thru by-standers so you can't really see the view all that much. Hear this please. 

View from the Top
View from the Top
Night View

It was a nice trip back to my childhood. I'd be glad to come back again with my sisters for they might not remember a thing about this. Ciao!

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3 coment�rios

  1. Wow, it's beautiful there, and the fishes are lovely, will definitely go there when I visit Japan!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Wow it looks amazing! I would love to visit. Myself and my family always visit the south of France every single year, so I know how great it is to find a second home that you love returning to! Beautiful pictures too, lady!

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire