Suicide and Death in Japan (and More)

June 17, 2016

I just want to share my reaction to the recent events that happened. First, with Christina Grimmie. I mean, man, what can I say? She's very fragile. Who the hell on Earth would want to hurt her or even kill her for that matter? I really feel sad and sorry about this. Such a waste of talent. She was too young. I liked Christina Grimmie. Sayang.

Then the shootout at Orlando. Mind you, what's up with Orlando? But you know that must have been very devastating to the family and friends of the people who have lost their lives there. They say everything happens for a reason. But what is the reason behind this really? Wala. Sometimes there's no reason. Sometimes just bad persons. Life is very unpredictable. You just don't know what will happen. Too bad these people have to go. 

Then the 2 year old kid who got dragged by an alligator. I'm not gonna be insensitive about it because you know, things have been said, and right now, there's nothing that will bring back the life of anyone. So shut up nalang ako. But yeah I just hope everyone would be more careful next time. Look after your kids.

The main reason I wanted to blog this is to share what I have witnessed. Suicide. The other day I decided to go withdraw money in front of Yabe station. Then as I was approaching the ATM Machine, the train honked. It actually usually does that when someone's like too close to the end of the platform and it kinda serves as a warning whatever so yeah. But this time, it's because someone jumped. I didn't want to be nosey and everything so I withdrew my cash and when I finished, there were already 3 fire trucks, 2 police cars, and 2 ambulance. But you know, there's no getting out of that. Nice try. And that made me think that some people were recently killed against their will and then some people can easily take their own lives away. Sayang. I remember something from childhood. Same thing happened but it was more graphic. We were about to cross the train thing and then he jumped. It was very bloody. Like he was cut in half. Gracious goodness. Anyways, I hope I made my point.

Two of my college friends visited me here in Japan separately and they asked the same question regarding the gates guarding the rails in Tokyo area. I actually just said "to prevent suicidal people from jumping." Well I don't really know for sure but it makes sense because it's Tokyo. And Tokyo is Tokyo. And I get away with it so whatevs. Ciao! 

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