Let's Not Fall in Love | Big Bang MV

June 02, 2016

Is it just me or is this the only Big Bang  Music Video that includes all Asian looking girls/Koreans? I'm pretty sure not but you know, recently, there were a lot of foreign girls in their videos. Anyways. Irrelevant. Hahaha

GD baby (I die)

In general, this is a music video about two people who's not quite ready to fall in love yet. Their expressions were light at the beginning but you can see that their emotions changed towards the end. It's a nice music video. Very easy to watch. 

Tabi chan 

Towards the end, the girl refused a kiss from TOP and I was like, this can't be real. Hahaha

This actually killed me. It woke up the fan girl inside me again. Also, watching this makes me want to go to Korea. I was wondering why because it doesn't even show anything Korean. Except Big Bang itself. Which is good enough of a reason if you ask me. 

I think Daesung was the most charming. Too cute to handle even. 


I just included that because I think V's partner was the prettiest. 

I've been meaning to blog about this MV when it came out actually. I don't know what happened but thanks to Jason Chen and Arden Cho for reminding me because they did a collab of this song quite recently. I guess I have a new YouTube OTP now. Do we approve?

I just bought the song and literally can't stop listening to it. I guess this fits mostly the teenage crowd. Or I guess people in general. Meh. Ciao!

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