How to be Single/2 Days Off

June 09, 2016

I got this idea as a post because I was off for 2 days and I saw this movie that was tagged to me from long ago and so I watched. Anyways, I have consumed my last bath bomb from Lush so I may have to restock soon. I also may have used an expired bath bomb. Mmm...

We all need something to calm as down sometimes. Also, I woke up with the worst hangover! Not likey. Wrong move. I don't actually get drunk but this time I think I did. Drunk texting and making phone calls and shiz.

I watched House MD, and started watching Orange is the New Black. I like it. I also watched How to be Single from the illegal movie site that I am fond of. And it was okay. I think I'm more of Robin in that film. And the doctor as well. I forgot her name. 

Ordered pizza and chips. It was good! Oh and I also watched Neighbors 2. I'm like Zac Efron. Gah I think I'm getting old. I remember Paskuhan 2015 when I'm like pissed off with college freshmen.  

Being single means preparing thy own food. Didn't prepare some fancy dish as I would have if I got 2 days off. I had corned beef, steak, and fish instead. Ciao!

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