Uneventful Mornings

June 21, 2016

AKA boring routine. Like, same thing everyday. But can't do anything about it. Being adult bore me sometimes. But also, I'm pretty sure it's just me. 

Beautiful sunrise

Some days I'm actually in a good mood and do breakfast and all that. Sometimes though, I can't be bothered. These past few days, I was consistently making breakfast and it feels right you know. That is how to adult! Kind of.

Then after or while eating breakfast, I binge watch Orange is the New Black. I have only started watching this month/ last month? And I'm already at Season 4. Gracious goodness, what am I gonna do after? 

True that
Morning Selfie
Taking a Different Route

From where I live, there's nothing much to see really so yeah basically the same view everyday. 

 I probably haven't blogged about it yet or something but I was/am addicted to Family Mart's Spicy Chicken. Like, yes please.  

Selfie 2.0

Then this. Can I just say that when I used to live with my mama's friend, we used to buy American Corndog at 7/11 almost everyday. Good stuff. That's all. Ciao!

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6 coment�rios

  1. Hey, so excited I found your blog! For you this might be a normal and boring day but to me it's so interesting to see how an everyday in Japan looks! It's like a whole other world far away.. Keep going!

  2. Beautiful photos! Love this post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. those food looks good!


  4. Woah, actually I felt the same thing, boring routine. But anyway, I usually do something new for me on the weekend, so, well, I think I can solve it on the weekend, lol. Anyway, I think you're good at cooking, honestly I was drooling when I saw the egg, veggies, and the bread :))