Mum Thinks I Need These 3 (2.0)

February 27, 2017

Late post. Sorry na. Actually this is supposed to be the 3rd installment under this theme but then it would be unfair for my mum if I would do just that because before this, I got what seems to be 3 or 4 packages that I (planned but) didn't (too lazy to) blog about so 2.0 it is! Fair enough!

Size 40 because my feet are wider than the usual. Generally speaking, I'm wider than the usual so whatever. Hahaha 

Yas! Thanks,mum. 

This looks like something I would wear everyday. Yay! 


Green Mangoes!! It also came with Bagoong! 

Survival Meals
More Snacks!
To Share
Lovely Dresses

Thank you mama for being so generous! Love lots! Ciao! 

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