Hunger Games in Real Life

January 28, 2015

I strongly strongly despise terrorism. Funny how not too long ago, I was searching YouTube for videos on how Lethal Injection works. Then, I learned about these terrorists trying to kill some journalists who may have offended them but they have no right to kill people who are just trying to express themselves. They don't have the right to kill anybody in that sense. But of course that's just mainstream media. Of course they're probably doing stuff behind the scenes. 

Recently, they attacked Paris and killed journalists who worked for Charlie Hebdo and new threat has been posed for Diamalar. I wish the Diamalar staff do whatever it takes to protect themselves but if you still wish to express yourselves, do so. Pen for a pen. Yeah, right. There were also some other bombing incident related to terrorism I believe. 

But the main reason I am blogging this is because of the captured Japanese journalist and his "spy" friend. I don't know how they captured the guys and stuff but it was wrong. The story is that they captured the Japanese spy (now allegedly beheaded) in Iraq and then his friend (veteran war journalist) came to rescue him but of course he got captured as well. The group initially asked the Japanese Government for 200 million dollars in exchange of these two lads' freedom but the government refused and said that they would never ever ever fund terrorism. So past deadline, the terrorists sent a video of the beheading of the spy and then made the friend pose for a picture holding the picture of his beheaded friend. WOW! HOW BARBARIC. I can't imagine holding a picture of my friend like that. So terrible!! 

Plot twist: They said they would free the remaining Japanese hostage only if their "sister" who is imprisoned in Jordan because of killing like 60 persons would be freed. 

Now it's all getting complicated. As of this writing, I think the deadline already passed for that prisoner exchange thing and no news from them yet. Another plot twist though, Jordan officials said they would only free the terrorists' sister only if they would free their Jordanian pilot hostage. I think they mentioned one person for one so see, it's all confusing. What happens to the Japanese? Left for dead? So what's happening is I think they are just waiting for a proof that the hostaged pilot is still alive but none was given. I don't know. They are clearly not funding terrorism but they're negotiating to free another terrorist which I think is kind of not the best way to go. But hey, life for a life, yeah? One that of a terrorist and one that of a friend trying to help. And probably that of a pilot. Different lives on the line but lives nonetheless. Can I just say that the pilot is really young. Irrelevant information. 

I wonder what would they do with their terrorist sister if freed though. It sounds suspicious, huh? You hear me? 

"And you, in Thirteen, dead by morning."

I have some questions. How can they sleep well at night after killing innocent people? How can they slit someone's throat? How can they pull of heads out of the body? How can they sleep at night after all these? Or can they really? JUST STOP. 

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