How I Spent Christmas

January 02, 2017

Year End Party of our company was as usual uneventful. I won a prize this year though! I remember a friend who already left told me that she won a digital camera back then and what I actually got was 3 bottles of dish washing liquid and a box of tissue. Life is tough. Hahaha but whatever. 

Oh actually, 2 hours before the Year End Party, we had a mini get together/Christmas feast between us line members. 

My plate
Year End Food 

Even though already bloated from the line party, I still ate almost all the fries and it's not in the picture but they have this tub of EDAMAME which I shared with ate Michelle. And cakes!!! 

Cake 1 (1st Day)
Cake 2 (2nd Day)
Cake 3 (3rd Day) 

Can't get enough! We had cake for 3 consecutive days. 

On the 25th, I went to my Tita May's house and we both went to her friend's house and man, I ate a lot! It's like we're in a new reality show called Me VS Food. 

After I feasted, I slept on the couch and I barely remember anything that happened. It was a good day. Ciao! 

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