Healing the Believers Chest

February 08, 2015

First of all, it's such a beautiful title for such demonic act. HOW INAPPROPRIATE. Yes, I watched the video (more than once). I wish I didn't though. Because there's no way I can unwatch it now. I know from the start that it would haunt me forever but then I thought I wanted to see. I know I couldn't do anything about it and from watching it alone, I really feel sorry for the ones left behind and I feel sorry that they had to see him die like that. I wish they would have all the strength they need to move on from the situation. Although very likely they won't. 

SO, they murdered the remaining Japanese and the Young Pilot which resulted to the death of two of Jordan captives which apparently, are related to ISIS. Can I just mention how they burned the pilot alive? Are they out of their minds or something? Do they even have soul? Conscience? No? And then there's that bombing of the ISIS headquarters and stuff. Would this ever end? 

“So whoever has assaulted you, then assault him in the same way that he has assaulted you.” (Q2:194)

For days, I've been searching the Internet for stuff. Apparently, they have been taught to do so. They have comrades who have been burned and decapitated by the United States I believe. I don't know. Like, I want to understand where they are coming from and somehow their ideology makes sense but at the same time, it doesn't. I think they may have misinterpreted it. I've always believed in life for a life policy. But then again it made me think that it's not always applicable. Life for a life, YES. But the one who took away the life should only be the one responsible. And not like take anyone off the jet and burn him alive. 

I don't know much about this extremist group yet but one thing for sure is that they are liars. They somehow tricked us all in to thinking that they would kill the Jordanian pilot if Jordan failed to release the Jordan captive which happened to be their sister and ISIS was asked for a proof of life and as they failed to give some, Jordan kept their captive. Good thinking. I mean, if they released the sister, then they would have lost. Because I don't think that the pilot is still alive during the deal exchange. He may have killed shortly after his capture that's why they can't provide any proof of life. 

NO ONE DIED IN VAIN. YOU WERE ALL COURAGEOUS HEROES. Deaths will be payed and you all will be remembered. 

On the other hand, the FALLEN44, I feel so sad for that just as the same but then it makes me kind of angry because of the people's reaction about the issue. I've read somewhere that yes, there are a lot of people there to witness that event but the president pero sino ba sa mga nandun yung talagang nakikiramay? I don't think lahat.

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