New Camera | Fujifilm X-A3

January 13, 2018

New year, new camera. I've been wanting to buy a new camera for a while now. And voila! I was actually choosing between this one and the Sony Alpha but the camera guy suggested I get the Fujifilm. No regrets! The main reason I wanted to switch is that my previous camera was kind of bulky and heavy and you know, I can't. Also, my sisters asked for it. Hahaha

It came with this lens. I had two before but I didn't really use the other one I had so I guess having one this time is okay. I mean, I'm no photographer in any means so I'm okay with just the OG. 

I'm just getting used to my new camera. I like that it's lighter. I like the vintage vibes to it. I like it in general. That's all! Also, Imma share with you the first shot that I ever took with my camera.

mi loves

That's all! 

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