Barbara's Heritage Restaurant

January 15, 2018


My momma took us here a day after papa’s Birthday because I guess they were having their own party so they were closed. Something like that. It was nothing I’ve seen like before. My mom said it’s like the restaurant Zamboanga but I can’t really remember much from it except their Kare-Kare was good. 

Lechon Belly 

It’s only good if you’d have a piece and not a plate. Or maybe it’s just me. 

The sotanghon was good! Or at least that what my momma said.

The place was very nice. Ancient. Definitely something I saw from films and clips from the past. 

our plates

I have no idea who’s plate this was because it was my sister Mika who was taking pictures. 


My favorite amongst them all. Seriously. I can probably eat the whole thing! Okra, talong, kang kong, and mangga with bagoong! FTW. 

salad bar
cultural show

The show was very pleasant to watch. Very refreshing. 

We sold our sister Mika as well. They were like, “do you have a voluteer from this table?” My sister Mari and I were like, “Go Mika! Mika! Mika!” like barbarians. 

the aftermath 
Yas Mama
The Girls 

We also did a photo sesh with them before going home. It was a very delightful experience. Very educational. Nice. 

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