My Girls!

January 09, 2018

Yas. My high school besties. Super awesome that we get to see each other again. It’s so hard to match our offs. Like for example, these two saw each other on their way to work and they literally only said “hi” to each other and moved on. ADULTING IS HARD. 


Sago’t Gulaman with Diana’s favorite vinegar. She literally asked the waiter if the complimentary crackers is refillable because the vinegar is life!

Sinigang na Bangus Belly


I can’t believe I ate the ampalaya on this dish. No bitterness at all!!! My mama (also lola) love Ampalaya with Spam and egg and they would always offer me some and say that it’s not bitter but it would always taste bitter so I already gave up on ampalaya but the one they served there literally taste like nothing that I don’t even know if it’s still 
a good thing. But I liked it. 

Baked Chicken Asado

Not sure if any of mentioned name is official but that's basically what it is so ya know! 

After dinner, we went to Trinoma and thought we should watch movie and so we did. We watched Siargao. I liked it! I mean, if you want a movie with no BS, this is it. It’s just so real. 

high school sweethearts

So after we watched the movie, we went back to SM to see the lights. And at last...Oh yes. Disney reference for you who did not understand ;) 

yas mi loves

Can I just say that it’s been a while since we three became friends? I know I may have mentioned but just imagine there’s two more years added to that like, oh my gulay! 1 dekada na tayo mga inday! 

Christmas Tree

Not diggin’ this tree. 

yas fountain

It was so nice catching up with these two. Especially when you get to walk around with trees full of lights. I don’t know if we would be able to do this anytime soon but that short time we shared was so worth it! :) 

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