Enchanted Kingdom 2018

January 24, 2018

Old tradition that I made up 2 years ago. I wish this could go on for generations though because living alone really makes me want to value family. 

We went to Sta.Rosa Laguna this time because we all know I’m a sucker for amusement parks and why not, right?

The last time I went to Enchanted Kingdom was in 2011. The entrance fee for this park went very high from last time and I can’t say I’m very convinced. 

Anchor’s Away
Space Shuttle

Can I just say though that this ride got really better. The seats and all felt more secured. Also, I don’t know if it’s just me but the overall thrill factor increased. I think. Favorite ride. 

We were so lucky because the park was not busy at all! I guess the longest we waited to get seated was only around 45 minutes. We were done with all the rides at around 7. 

bumaba ‘ko sa jeepney.

This ride had us all good. My bestfriend Nissan had it the worst though. And she was wearing a pink toned colored shirt that made it all obvious. 

Their newest attraction is Agila. It’s very expensive too! The entrance fee for this ride alone is 500 pesos! Like, what the heck? The show itself was okay. They have the same theater in Fuji-Q Highland and I think that was a little better. Here me now! My bestfriend and I were thinking what to expect and we were like, smokey mountain, payatas, pollution, etc. But it was okay. They showed the beauty of the islands. It was not very educational though. They should have educated the many unruly children and adults who were there with us. Seriously, if I’m gonna watch something as serene as the superficial version of the Philippines, I WANT PEACE, PEOPLE. 

I give this ride a 2.5 star out of 5.

What I like about Enchanted Kingdom is that it’s kind of vintage looking. And it was like how I remember it from the first time I went when I was 6. Sure many aspects have changed and they may have changed things here and there but it’s generally the same. 

This ride is a killer. You’ve been warned. 

I love their addition of theater shows! They should have more of this in a properly installed theater place. They have plastic chairs there which is all good but it’s kind of inconvenient too (kind of). I can only imagine it takes time aligning them before show starts. Do they do that? Also, I think the actors deserve a proper place. Come on! 

Wheel of Fate
Pretty lights
Enchanted Kingdom
Oh Christmas Lights light up the streets

These kids grow up too fast. 


Can I just say that my sisters and I were so dead the next day. We threw up as if we were poisoned. It’s just us 3 so maybe it’s from something we ate from the previous day. Not a pleasant experience. Ciao!

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