Roppongi Illumination 2017

December 20, 2017

Roppongi. I went with my co-worker Shella to Roppongi brcause you know, it’s one of the places I don’t dare go alone. Kind of. 

We were kind of lost at first but the thing about illumunation in Japan is that you can get lost and still find something beautiful to appreciate.This green and red tree for example. The transition. 

Then this already transitioned tree which is equally as beautiful! But you know, it’s probably just me. 

We actually targeted two illumination spots in Roppongi and this is the first one. They had this show of something I can’t fully understand but it was beautiful. 

It’s like the one in Shiodome but less magical. I’m so sorry Roppongi. It’s probably just me. 

It was still beautiful though. 


Candle and Amber is the theme of Keyakizaka-Dori. I didn’t understand Candle because it’s just blue but they had Candle and Amber tree which makes a little sense. 

Christmas Tree
My Blogger Friend

Tokyo Tower as usual was so beautiful. 


Yas! Be careful when you go to this street. You have to actually stop in the middle of the street just to take this type of picture. Beware. 

Tokyo Tower 

I can’t decide which I like better. Two scenes are both beautiful though so whatevs. 

Oh Tokyo!

So beautiful! Hopefully I’d be able to go back next year. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to see it when I come back. I guess this ends December 25 so you know, if you have a chance, grab it.

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