Ebisu Illumination 2017

December 25, 2017


Ebisu. I’ve been to Ebisu before of course. It’s two stations away from my work in Tokyo and I always feel like I don’t have time so I always go to nearby places. Very convenient though because I work in Tokyo. Lucky if you may.

the Christmas Tree that I missed in 2016

What I missed last year was the Christmas Tree. It’s still fine but it made me realize that ones absence may feel okay but it’s better when it’s complete. Saveh!!

Also!!! They had this choir thing going on when I went and man, I stood there in the freezing cold and watched aaaaallllllll the performances. It was worth it though for sure!!! Okay one of the reasons I completed the choir was because they really lifted my spirit. But also because if I won’t, I wouldn’t be able to go near the chandelier. Charot! The Chandelier, has one light bulb added to it from the last time I went so that’s nice. I mean, not that I noticed. Haha


Yas. I may have said this before but you know, I’m really looking forward to come back to this place 30 years from now. But you know, that’s just 30 lights added so I really don’t know if that would make significant difference. But hey~

Also, at this point, I don’t have any battery left but I survived taking photos. Yay! It’s not the best place to see illumination but it’s not bad! If you’re nearby, make sure you drop by.


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