Losing My Wallet (AGAIN)

December 23, 2017

Being the good story teller that I am, I’m gonna tell you what happened from start to finish because you know, I don’t really find my blog so informative so when it comes to things you probably don’t care about, Imma be all out! Hahaha so you know, after our work in Harajuku, we decided to go to Roppongi, right? But since it was still quite early, we were like, we should kill time first so I told Shella we should get the thing school children always eat recently and we were brought into this little stall.

These thing must be hard to make because we waited for like 10-15 minutes max. Back at work, Moe was making fun of my pink winter coat and they had the bear at the shop so Shella was like, must take picture and send it to Moe! Fun started there to be honest. So yeah moving on...

My previous post was about the Roppongi Illumination that we went to, right? After the whole thing, we ate dinner and when it’s already time to pay, I figured I didn’t have my wallet with me. Goodness gracious!! We looked everywhere and even used the photo above, and a lot more photos as a reference to check if my bag was open at any point. I then called Harajuku Police Station to check. Said I last opened my bag in Takeshita Street and that’s where I know for sure that I have my wallet still. They said no one turned it over yet and to report my case in Roppongi Police so that’s what I did. Here’s what I can recall from the trip though. I payed for the snack in Harajuku, took pictures and stuff and who knows what happened to the wallet. I remember keeping it in my bag though. The next moment I opened my bag was to get my lipstick because we all know I look pale AF. I told Shella it must have fell out my bag that time but she was very against the idea because she said she should have heard! Then! The moment I got my camera inside the bag. Then I didn’t do anything to my bag/wallet. That’s all about it. 

Roppongi Police also wasn’t able to trace it as well. Gave me this number and said they would call if they hear anything about a wallet. I was hopeless! I am more concerned about my health insurance card TBH. I don’t want the trouble of going to the city hall and report about my missing insurance. Also, my wallet’s expensive.. Not much cash inside because I only got around 8000 yen. 

Thank goodness for Suica!!! OMG. If not for Suica, I wouldn’t be able to go home without any help. Also, thank goodness Shella was with me. So I went home and reviewed the photos, right? I saw the photo above!!!! WITH MY WALLET ON THE FLOOR. I was panicking at this moment so I mailed my home girl Shella because I’m off the next day and she has work! She has work at around 1pm, I guess? So yeah she was freaking out as well!! I’m only 50 percent optimistic that time because I know the crowd of Takeshita Street and to be honest, it’s not a very hopeful crowd. SORRY. So yeah. 

Then the home girl called and I was like, OMG!!!! Am I gonna get an update or what? She was like, I have your wallet already. When is your birthday?? FEBRUARY 14 1992!! Yas. That’s it. Got my wallet back. Ciao! Moral lesson of the story is wag tatanga tanga. Yun lang. 

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