Home for Christmas!

December 25, 2017

As you all know, I may have missed my flight but your girl’s home for Christmas!! So with that being said, MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL! That Nativity thing going on welcomed me at the airport. Actually it’s my sister and mom who welcomed me but you get the point! :D 

I don’t really have much to say but you know, this giant Christmas Tree at Makati is legit! 

We went to Sto.Domingo church this morning to hear the Christmas mass. It was nice. It was my first time in two years time to hear the mass again. The whole thing was very eye opening. The homily was great. Although I’m still not converted to going to Church regularly because heaven bless my soul I can’t help but notice all the wrong in people (AKA people not listening to the sermon). I will save my rant for some other day because it’s Christmas but expect it in the near/far future. 


You know, I am not religious at all but seeing this makes me want to go to thd Holy Land. I just want to see. I want to go where they all went. I guess it would be a very nice place to visit and reflect. Also, can I just share that after the Holy Communion, there’s this less fortunate person (based on his dirty clothes) who went to the statues, gave them Sampaguita, and kissed them. It’s very humbling that even for someone who doesn’t have much, he still offered whatever he can, took time, and thank the Lord. 

Ladies in Red

After the mass, we watched The Revenger’s Squad at Fisher Mall and ate lunch there as well. Too bad my brother wasn’t able to join us but yeah, Merry Christmas!!! 

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