Shibuya Illumination 2017

December 24, 2017

As usual, I didn't expect much from Shibuya because of what I witnessed last year. I don't know if I shared with you the photo but it was this sad green lights put on the tree same as above so yeah. This year showed a little improvement so let's give Shibuya that.

This year's team is HELLO KITTY. Okay first of all, I have absolutely no idea why the tourist information bus' character is Kitty because you know, Sanrio isn't anywhere near and stuff. ALSO! Why can't they just use Hachiko's face? It's SHIBUYA after all. Okay. 

But you know, who am I to tell Shibuya what to do, aye? Anyways this Hello Kitty thing. I can't. You all know how I love Shibuya and its wonders but Shibuya is not ready for it yet. 

Maybe because Shibuya doesn't have a lot of places to do this kind of displays but yeah. I'm not saying that this is not good. It's good! I just hope there's more of this. I think. The ribbon is cute! I think big ribbon ornaments like this would enlighten everyone of the theme they're doing.


This is what I'm talking about. Shibuya is big but it's soo not united when it comes to illumination so it somehow feels divided. If they want to do Kitty, then everywhere should be Kitty. But anyways. I'm sure it was already discussed upon and maybe something not everyone agreed on so yeah let's just pretend that's what happened. 

Also, the right side. Somebody didn't get the notice, obviously. WHY THOUGH. Anyways, I still love SHIBUYA. 

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