Leaving for Japan

September 08, 2014

Just like many others, I'm one of those folks who really wanted to leave the Philippines. And left! Not because I have something against the Philippines or something. Just because I have no choice. First of, I'm a  now Japanese National and I guess it's time for me to go back where I belong (nah). All papers and documents aside, I actually love the Philippines. It's where my heart is! Second to my list of why I wanted to leave is related to money. It's not too bad actually! But let's face it, for 6 months, I worked as a Medical Technilogist and as much as I'm concern, it didn't give me much. It rewarded me with an awesome experience though. Also some cash to renew my passport, buy myself a plane ticket, buy make-up, rubbing alcohol, and Lysol every now and then, give few of my relatives a little bit, save some for myself, eat out with friends and family, and save more for myself. Which is not a lot. To be honest, that's all I remember doing with my salary. Well for a single person, which I am (as of this writing), it's actually enough to survive. But then I have a lot of dreams and things that I want to do. To travel is one but to help my sick grandmother by helping her finance her dialysis sessions is my priority. So it's not like I'm being selfish by leaving. It's just that it can't provide me with things that I want. And need. April 1, 2014, I have left all the things that I love behind. My family, friends, pets, as in everything.

It's kind of hard to explain how I felt during that time. It's like, "is this really going to be my last day?" kind of feeling and it's not very nice. Mind you I actually count-downed as early as December 2013 and still I wasn't prepared to leave. Actually even before I graduated college, I've already been thinking of the time that I have to leave. Who is actually prepared to leave? I personally think that people never get fully prepared to leave no matter what. That there's always a little piece of those who left who wanted to stay. It's so sad you know. Anyways. 

When I was at the airport, I was surprised that I didn't shed a lot of tears. I did though! I think I broke down just a little bit more when I was on the plane. It's just too much to handle. Thinking I would be away from my family for quite a while. I remember staring out of the window and would shed tears. Can I just say that the two guy doctors I'm seated with were really hot! Not important but nice to take note somehow. 

I think I was able to say goodbye properly to people I wanted to say goodbye to. Except probably my grandfather which I weren't able to see that day or days prior but yeah. Some college friends I bid goodbye thru Twitter but I guess that counts. I was also able to see my closest friends and had dinner with them. If there's any, I wish I had more goodbye parties because it would be a while until I come back so I wish I kind of did that. I also wish I petted my pets more! Because you know, as much as I love my people, and as much as I miss them too, you can talk to them and actually hear them answer your questions and even see them thru video calls but with pets, I don't know if they can see me or hear me thru phones or whatnot but for me, when you leave, it's the end. You can't feel their furs anymore and they can't be sweet and bother (at the same time) you anymore you know what I mean? They can't talk and answer your questions. It's random but it's what I've been thinking. LOL.

It was by the way Spring that time so I had a lot of fun looking at Sakura and stuff! In which I would be posting in a while so definitely look forward to that!

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