Celebrating Nature at Sagamihara Park

September 11, 2014

Okay so this is what happened. I think it was my second day or like my third day in Japan when I decided to visit my favorite place in my city. The PARK. If you're from my previous blog, you may have noticed that I have talked about this place quite a lot. Anyways.

I only stayed at our house for quite a few days so even though it rained, I still went! Sacrifices! It's just that from where I stayed that time, I really have no idea how to go to the park and stuff. Also, can  I just remind you that at this point in time, dad already scrapped my old bike and so I walked. I swear I sensed people looking at me with my umbrella on. Oh well.


Should have seated and got my picture taken. Oh well living the forever alone life for quite a while I guess. DIY until you can make it. 

Obsessed with the flowers! Going to this place calms my spirit. I guess you have to be in a good mood when you go here because if you're feeling down, I can see this place to actually make you feel more down for a reason because it's like very quiet and peaceful and stuff but it's actually very beautiful so I think that beautiful scenery may counteract everything I have just said. I don't know where my point is going. More flower spam!

You have to see this in person y'all. I kind of felt like a rich girl walking on her garden for a second LOL, Aladdin reference. Now where's thy tiger?

who can say no to this?

Usually there would be ducks swimming here but then they were chilling somewhere else. There are other mini ponds and I saw some there. Even ducks don't want to be mainstream. 

Sometimes you don't really have to spend that much to be entertained and sometimes you don't have to pay for that expensive coffee to have that peace of mind. We just have to have more of this and this world would be a better place. 

The park is huge and there are some other places to visit such as the mini zoo and that field where dogs can play and train. 

There's a very limited animals in there but one can sure enjoy the sight of them. They do have guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, birds, cows, horses, wallabies, monkeys, squirrels, and maybe one or two that I can't recall. 

I miss this place and if I can make my way there on my bike, I surely will! And spam more pictures! That's all about this post. Goodbye. 

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