First Snow in 54 Years

November 30, 2016

Snow Selfie

The first November snow in 54 years. It happened November 24th this year. Like, wait, calm down Snow Fairies. 

Although anticipated, I didn't think it would snow full blast. I kind of thought it was just gonna rain like it does most of the time when my weather app tells me it's gonna snow. 

Sagamihara Station
Murphy's Law

Like seriously though. When I bring my bike to the station, something would come up. Like, the other day, there was an accident at my station and we stopped one station before mine and on normal circumstances, it's okay because I kind of live in between stations so I can just walk from there but since I have my bike parked at Sagamihara, it's a bit of trouble walking from there to the station and back to my home. I was worried. Thank goodness problems were resolved shortly. So yeah other times it would rain and stuff and yeah last time, snow. 

Finding Earphones

Here's the story. I was looking for my earphones because I'm positive I dropped it somewhere but couldn't find it how hard I try. Bad luck!!!! It's like 3 weeks old palang. Sayang. Anyways, I try not to think about it. But still! 3450 yen is no joke. Meh. 

Look of Despair

Anyways, yeah that was it. 54 years in the making. It was actually an amazing experience minus the earphones of course. I didn't experience snow last year so I feel like it's a greeting of some sort. Ciao!

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