A Quickie in Shibuya

October 17, 2016

Shibuya Crossing

From another interview. I was really hoping I'd get the job but it turned out they're just finding reserves for their expansion that who knows when will happen. But I was very happy with the interview. I was even happier this time than the last one. And it turned out the first company that I went to is not that good. Well according to the consultant I've talked to anyways. So there's that. Kind of on the way so I went to Shibuya.

I really wanted to roam around the city but I have work that night so I just ate ramen. And stopped by a little while in Hachiko park. Not its official name. Haha. I also wanted to drop by Lush but we all know that it's gonna take a lot of time choosing what to get and all that so I didn't dare enter.

Anyways. I was in the park, right? I saw a lady holding a flower passed by me and I didn't really mind and then I turned to look at some other stuff I don't know and then I glanced back to Hachiko and I saw the flower there. It's very touching. What a nice gesture. So yeah.

Then I decided to eat ramen. Not only ramen but at Ichiran ramen. According to blogger Cheesie, it's the best that there is. I had to fall in line for 20 minutes to get in the restaurant. And another 5-10 minutes to get seated.

Loneliest looking Ramen 

I don't know how I feel about it. I'm definitely not impressed the first time but I'm also sure I'm doing it wrong. So basically, they give you a checklist and you decide how you like your ramen. And I happened to check "futsu" in everything and I don't know. I will do it differently next time. I really have my hopes high for this ramen place because I trust Cheesie. I'm gonna give it one more try. Kind of. Hahaha.

So yeah I had fun! Even though it was a very short stop, I was so happy to be back. Until then, Shibuya. Ciao!

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