Life of the Party

August 02, 2016

Soubetsukai of one of the hanchos in our workplace and she did have this little goodbye party at a nearby pub. So we all went after work. 

I went with my groupmates but when we reached the place, but a friend apparently already saved me a seat and grabbed me to their place.

It was fun! I actually didn't think it would be that fun because we all are from work and tired and stuff.

My groupmates seated on the next table. 

The Hancho

I actually didn't plan to go because I guess I'm holding a grudge against this person but you know, it's stupid because she only asked because it's what's right. Okay basically, when I went to Korea, I didn't file a proper "leave" and report I will be going out of the country because come on, it's only 4 days. I received 2 days YUKYU (paid leave) and 2 days of my own off that week so what's there to report? Yes it is but proper but you know, it's kind of not her business. She asked my hanchos about it and yeah it kind of became a secret issue and stuff. So there's that. 

Lots of Filipino dish! I wasn't able to taste everything which I regret! I had too much drink though. 

It became weird and wild afterwards
Time for some ice
Not picking my nose here 

It's kind of a short party though. We started around like 8 and ended around 11? 


One of my groupmates got totally drunk that OMG after we all went out of the pub, he slept in the parking lot's exit like legit on the road. He won't wake up and we couldn't leave him like that. 3 or 4 cars stopped by and asked if we're okay and stuff. It was funny. Anyways, goodbye ciao!


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