Tama Center Illumination 2016

December 25, 2016

Christmas in our hearts!

Sea full of stars? I was wondering what this is at first given my poor eyesight but then with the noise and all, I realized it's supposed to look like the ocean with all the creatures and stuff. 


Also, I've been going to Sanrio Puroland every effing up until I was 13-14 but I didn't realize that it was in Tama Center. 

Kitty Chan 

It was beautiful! It was wide! Not like in Tokyo where it's so compact in a sense that in Tokyo, you almost only have a place to walk. But then again we went earlier this month so illuminations are not really that relevant yet. 


First illumination of the year. Well it's up until February so I still have a lot of time to go here and there. Not bad for starters. Ciao!

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