Random Decemberness

December 14, 2016

Christmas in Hashimoto

Although this didn't happen in December, still sharing it now because I still think it's relevant and I'm not one for timely blog as of the moment so please bear with me. Thanks. LOL. 

Would definitely be back for the Meat Lover series but for now, we had it in single meal kind of thing. Nice quality meat! 


Before this selfie, I had an interview for the US Air Force base job. Am I allowed to say that? No? 

nuff said

I found this very vain Instagram account of my vain 19 year old self. I actually thought I cancelled this account already but nah. Feel free to WTF.

Also, Big Bang is back! I like FXXK IT better than Last Dance. I don't know much Korean (dunno at all) but I somehow translate Last Dance to Last Year. OMG is this farewell? I KID. Ciao!

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