Old Manila and Sunsets

February 04, 2018

Intramuros. It’s odd when you think about why I went here but wait until your browse my old blog and see where I went. Actually planning to revisit them all though so that’s what’s up! 

It’s actually where we go to Church. It’s just that my family don’t really take interest in exploring the city. 


So calm. The first time I went here was when I was in college and it’s just for our Rizal course. 

Rizal Museum
Favorite Rizal book. 

I had fun in the museum. I just wish the temperature inside is a little cooler because I swear I was sweating and I’m the type of person who doesn’t really sweat easily so that’s saying something. I mean, Rizal’s life is pretty interesting so I kinda wanted to revisit his journey but it was so hot that day and I just couldn’t. The museum is free though so I know I can’t really complain but I’m just saying. 

meeting with my people

On our way out, we rode the tricycle thing and it was very nice of the driver to actually gave us a little tour. Didn’t understand half of it. Kuya driver should have spoken thru a microphone/megaphone. 

Manila Bay Sunset

Seriously nothing like Manila Sunset. I mean, I haven’t seen anything like it. Oh actually the one in Bataan was nice too but you know what I’m saying? 

After the whole touristy thing that we did, we met up with the bestfriend. Nothing like ending the day with some scrumptious Filipino food. 

And yes, the titas enjoyed Jazz. 

That’s all! 

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