Venice Grand Canal Mall

February 06, 2018

Hype. You know, they say you have to do everything once to know if it’s for you. It was okay but I don’t think it’s for me. Okay that was a little bit harsh. True though. It was beautiful and all but yeah. I just guess it was kind of chaotic.

With my sister who skipped classes that day (always). Funny because when I was studying, I wouldn’t be able to do stuff like this. 

It would have been nicer if it were less crowded. Char! So as you may have guessed already, it’s basically like the Venice Canal in Italy. You know they say that one day, it wouldn’t exist anymore, right? I guess that’s how they portrayed it in the Philippines. It’s so shallow. Also, malinaw ba ang canal sa Venice? 

Sister’s OOTD. 

Also, why do people like to put locks where it shouldn’t be? I wonder how many of these lock owners aren’t together anymore. Hahaha bitter. 

So basically what we did is walk so we were really very hungry. We were supposed to have Korean but I was also like, CHICKEN. And then at the end, I was like, SEAFOOD, please. Soooo delicious. This was actually meant to be for 3-4 persons but we finished it all! Because food is life.

The night view was more beautiful. The gondola and all! We didn’t ride the gondola though because it was crowded. Also, I find it expensive because you only get to ride for a short time. And DISNEY SEA IS LIFE. I don’t think it’s somewhere I want to go to again. I would go if it were nearer but since it’s almost 600 pesos Uber ride away, I would only consider going when it’s on the way. That’s all! Ciao! 

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