PRC License Renewal

February 12, 2018

Now. Let’s see. Clearly, this is a sign. When I was in college, my professor already discussed about this CPD units and whatnot but since it was kind of irrelevant back then, I didn’t really pay attention. Not so long ago, Senator Trillianes initiated this law that a professional should gain a certain number of units to be able to renew their license. Man, I was like, fck it. Even if I can, I’m never gonna work in the Philippines again. Because that sht is bullsht. 


We had a lot of problems paying for the renewal though. We went to two 7/11s and was declined because of technical stuff (human error) so we had to go to LBC to pay instead and that we queued an hour for. Kaloka. I was like, this is just the beginning! 

But when we arrived at the PRC office, it was like, empty. I’ll tell you why it’s empty. The CPD thing. I can’t reiterate how against I am to that idea. There’s a petition against this so maybe check that out. I did. I can clearly go on and on with this but Imma behave. 

At the end of the day, I was able to renew my HARD EARNED AND WELL DESERVED license without hassle and yeah, that was fun. THIS IS CLEARLY A SIGN. 

We ate Halo-Halo and some express overpriced rice meal which is okay but anyways. Halo-Halo is life though. That’s all! 

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