First Snow of 2018

February 21, 2018

Better late than not at all. This happened January, 22, 2018 and ot snowed a couple of more times since then but hey! I guess it snowed more this year than last year. I’m not a fan of snow but hey, it’s pretty to take pictures with so there’s that. Unlucky me though, it poured whilst I was outside and working. Wrong timing. 

Harajuku Station

I decided to go to Shibuya afterwards because I didn’t really have any other places to go to. 


I went to Shibuhide (my fave ramen place) because it was so darn cold and I could use some ramen. For some reason, I only like the Shibuhide Ramen though. For some reason, I don’t like their other ramens all that much. 


I decided to walk around and take pictures around 11pm because my phone camera died when I reached Sagamihara so yeah. 


The men/women who made this pathway should have an award.

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