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September 20, 2016

Went to Nagahama and had a bowl of delicious ramen. We always go back to this place. It's so satisfying to gulp down this fatty broth. 

We then went to Don Quijote because I wanted a home button sticker. Random! Also because I finished my perfume and wanted to buy a replacement. And as I always do, I check out phone cases because it's my thing. And if there's any place to find cute/silly cases, it's DonKi. 

That Gudetama case though. Like, why? I was asking Bry why would anyone want this kind of casing because I can't help but wonder. 

I don't know if I like this actually. It's too strong for my liking. Because I don't, I can only imagine my cousin Cat really liking this. 

Ice Cream is ❤️

We then went to Round1 to play billiards and that was actually my first time and really glad I get to experience. One thing I've learned is that it's still a very long way to go for me to be an okay player. For starters, holding the stick is very tricky for me. I think I made progress though. 

Posting this selfie because I got a new phone case this moment and my thick screen protector is a hinder for it to fit so it made a filter out of itself. Kind of cool if you ask me.

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