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September 21, 2016

Beauty masks from my Korean trip this year. 

I bought these masks from a shop in Myeongdong for a very cheap price. I got an assorted package and there are 3 that I bought separately for 1000 won/piece. Cheapo!


Just like the Japanese masks, I was confused with what essence means because the mask smells nothing like avocado. I appreciate the fact that it fits better on my face though. I guess I'm Korean after all. It feels sticky but not complaining kind of sticky. You know!


Nothing really special about the rose. If anything, it's kind of fake. But it moisturizes so not really complaining. Can I just say that it's probably rose. I think its overrated how people perceive rose as this good smelling flower well in fact, it smells fake. It's pretty to look at though. Classic.


Man, this one though! This is like the first time it smells like what it is. It smells very fruity which I truly appreciate because you know, it's been purely chemical so far. So hooked!


This one is milky for some reason. All other masks are like clear but this one has a lotion like consistency. Not really complaining!


Not a fan of this. I don't know if it's this product or if it's time for the little demons on my face to show up but either way, I kind of had 2 little pimples hours after I used this. Also, I noticed that the formula is very thin and it felt kind of dry almost so yeah.


Smells sweet! It reminds me of something sweet and edible. It smells like Pandan with Condensed Milk. Not honey though. Still! Makes me want to lick it. 


I have a love and hate relationship with the fruit blueberry but this I'm neutral. Just another mask.


No idea that bamboo can moisturize. Like, who would have thought? Anyways, I'm kind of not a fan of this.

I think I'm not a fan of masks as I was at first. Some works but some of them are very gimmicky to me. But still works. I mean, with my thirsty skin, I have to step up my game so therefore I will not give up! And I will search for more masks that I like. Ciao!

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