Dreaming of Reality?!

September 25, 2016

I usually dream of flying. AT LEAST I USED TO. Before, when I feel like I'm trapped in a dream, I could always use my superpower and FLY. Almost instantly. It just feels like I always know what to do. Yesterday was different. And I've had similar dreams like this recently as well. I CAN'T WALK PROPERLY FOR FOR THE LOVE OF ME. It's feels like I'm so heavy which is relevant but not really in this situation. It feels like I am struggling to walk. And I was trying to run  even but same result. My dream is messing with Newton's Third Law of Motion. I've read online that FLYING MEANS FREEDOM and my dream of struggling to walk means I'm having trouble of getting where I want to be. Effing true! I just want to fly again you know. Ciao!

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