A Quickie in Akihabara

September 25, 2016


If anything, I'm really happy that I came here because you know, it's not a place I would go to on my own. It's just that I don't really know what to do there. Not interested. 

Vape Shop

 Main reason of coming here. 

Had a healthy dinner. It's been a while since I had shabu-shabu and it's not like how I remember it. I know for sure that I'm not doing it right. 

Sukiyaki style on the left and no idea what's on the right. It sure has some fancy name but it doesn't really taste like anything. WATER? 

I do like the gadgets that I have but I don't go gaga over other techie stuff and that's mainly what this place is known for. I heard that there's a shrine here for IT students and the like. Anything that has to do with gadgets basically. 

I've been told that this place gets really busy. 

Akihabara Station

Maid cafe I kind of want to experience though. I know it's creepy hearing that from me because I imagine this kind of place being popular with creepy guys. Or is it just me? Speaking of creepy, whilst walking, someone intentionally walked in front of me and seems like he wanted to kiss/head butt me. Whichever. Like, that close. These are all but assumptions you know. For all we know, I can be wrong! I should therefore go back and see this place in its glory and not when it's night time and everything's already closed. Except probably the maid cafes. Creepy. Ciao! 


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