Big Bang Loser MV Review

May 06, 2015

Just when I thought I already left the K-Pop world, this happened. To be honest, I wasn't really keeping up with this world but couldn't resist my Bae. GD GD baby baby. They actually released two music videos and as much I like the tune of Bae Bae better, I think I like the message of this one better. I also kinda dig the music video for Bae Bae better. I think it's more creative. But anyways.

G-Dragon and his fashion is just something so obvious in this video. I actually don't know what his problem is in this video. Is it his fashion sense? 

TOP! He reminds me of Edward Cullen straight up. His jaw line is everything. And then he became Mr.Christian Grey. 

His problem in this video is a little bit more obvious than the others though. Porn.  Just kidding. His part is actually more revealing. I don't know if they get to write their own part for this or something. Probably not. That would give out TOP away hahaha. 

What this video and Bae Bae have in common is that they both featured Western girls as their love interest. Must be their thing. Mmm... 

Sin will find you. Whatever satisfies the soul is truth. When I first saw the cross, I can't help but think of the Illuminati for some reason. I don't know. 

I honestly think GD should get that rope thing as a tattoo. Adds more character to him, don't you think? Ha as if he doesn't have enough already. 

That's all I want to share. It's not much but I liked the video in general. It's been so long, Baes. Keep 'em coming. 

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2 coment�rios

  1. So cool that they've released new stuff. They're a cool group.
    XoXo from South Africa

  2. TOP's issuse is not about the porn, is about his cleanliness!!



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