Stamina Taro Buffet

June 11, 2017

I already went here with Kimmy before and I'm back with all my loves now. I actually didn't know that the store's name is Stamino Taro because you know, I've been to one of Gunma's branch before. Anyways.

Greens! For some reason, I indulged myself with broccoli and okra. Wae? Facepalm!

All these looked familiar but I didn't mind this because yakiniku is life. I got the rolled cabbage though. My mom got a little bit of everything I guess? 

I didn't eat sushi because again, yakiniku is life.

Now this is interesting. They got quail eggs and hotdogs for deep drying but I didn't mind this much. I tried this one time though and it was kind of fun. I wish they had more choices. I think this area is generally for kids. Also for my sister Mika.

I remember I had these cakes for my 24th and I wanted to try them again but somehow when it comes down to it, it's either I end up to a different yakiniku place or I can't eat anymore because I'm too full. Anyways, I remember they have like the traditional cake slices in Gunma. You know, the triangle ones. Welcome to Tokyo bitches. A place where you get less value for the same price. Also, I'd never understand why my sister Mari likes KINAKO. I mean, it's not something I'd like to eat in a place like this. Or anywhere. She has like kinako candies at home. I can't. 

yakiniku is life
cabbage roll and other stuff

The corn soup is legit! 


That's all! I actually ended my binge eating with some ice cream, hot cocoa, hot chocolate covered mallows, and edamame. Life is good. 

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