Den Yakiniku Review

June 25, 2017

Starting platter. So basically this is for you to figure out what you want but if you go to a place like this, you order everything you see on the menu and then figure out what you like later. Take it from me. Actually, you don't really have to figure out anything. Just eat. GDI. 

They also have a salad bar which I was smart not to touch this time. 

Fruits, salad dressings, and jellies

Grilling time!!

Man, I ate a lot again! Like, why? I always do that though. I eat until I feel sick. Story of my life. 

fam bam 

They also have a drink bar but it didn't have tea bags so obviously, we weren't able to take home those from here. I'm just kidding. NOT. Can I just say though, if you can't sleep at night, you know how they say drink warm milk, right? Some say drink chamomile tea, right? When I mixed them, boom. Soooo effective!! No more sleepless nights. I happily shared this formula with my mom and she was like, uhm...I don't really have a problem sleeping. K.

hot chocolate
ice cream bar

At this point, it's worth mentioning that I can't anymore with meat but betcha I can still eat probably a gallon of ice cream because I'm a fatty like that. You already know. 

So yeah I'm so glad that we were able to eat meat because that's basically what I crave all of the time. Bye~

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