Tokyo Disneyland 2017

by - July 06, 2017

Tokyo Disneyland! It's been two years since I went here so it's really nice to be back. I mean, it's always nice to be back here I feel like. Yeah? 

I went with my mom last time but this time, I went with my sisters. 

A lot of things didn't go according to plan starting with the time we were supposed to leave our place going to Disneyland. 

chillin' with the hommie

I think we were 2 hours late and because of that, we weren't able to maximize our fast pass limit. We were only able to get 1 FFS! It was around 12 when we got the fast pass for Thunder Mountain and it was already for 19:55. I can't. Also, we weren't able to ride Splash Mountain because the queue is just ridiculous! The Carousel, Space Mountain, It's a New World are closed so obvi, we couldn't ride which is a bummer given Disneyland only has few rides as it is so...yeah. Anyways, it's not all bad! 

Cinderella's Castle

There was soooo many kids!!!! I'm not gonna be a hater though. You know how I feel about kids at theme parks. 
I remember it's always around Easter when I went here as a child. Like, for reals! I only remember going here on Hollyween when I went with mom, the rest, Easter. I hope to be able to go winter though. Of course it would be Frozen themed because that's what it's been eversince that movie started. I'm not complaining though. I kinda like that movie. 

Mark Twain

Waiting for the parade. I so regret not bringing a hat/something to sit on. So whilst waiting for the parade to start, we were like this holding Mika's jacket above our heads. No likey. I also burned my arms. I actually don't mind being soooo tan but the fact that it's uneven is freaking ugly. I would include picture but I have no space for ugly ones, I just don't. 

Tink! I'm such a fan of this whole Tink thing. 

To be honest, I've only seen one Pooh movie in my lifetime and I don't freaking remember the story. I should consider going to the Pooh ride first next. 

so cute!

I actually thought we're meeting Cinderella and so I told my sisters and Mika got reaaally excited I can't even. 

They have quite a lot of cute and princessy stuff though. This chair, the shoes, the everything. 

Cinderella's Castle
Flowers in the Castle

So glad there was a lady that took this picture for us. 

Fangirl moment! The ship has sailed ladies and gentlemen. I don't even know why I like Peter. I mean, in real life, I wouldn't like this guy because let's face it. He's a kid that doesn't want to grow up, has toddlers for followers, and he's stuck in a land where it's not allowed to grow up. But since it's Disney, it all works for me. PS: I wasn't able to ride Peter Pan's flight. Bummer. 

yup this whole fairy thing works for me too! 

Let's go back to the series of unfortunate events shall we? Mind you it was sooooo hot in the afternoon but it got really windy at night so they had to cancel the fireworks. 

Sooo glad we watched the Once Upon a Time thing though. It was sooo precious. I'm glad we grew up watching Disney. I mean, it's just A Whole New World.


I'm so glad we were able to catch up at night. We rode Haunted Mansion and Pirates before going home.

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  2. Tokyo Disneyland was great. :)