24H in Osaka

When duty calls. I was sent by my company in Tokyo to Osaka because! I'm actually so thrilled by this because it's an all paid trip and stuff and also, I've been meaning to go to Osaka! Not for work though! For the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but this will do! I mean, next time probably.


I don't actually know the exact relevance but I get the idea somehow. I won't say so you wouldn't have anything to say against me. Huh! 


Too bad we weren't able to eat crab because when we were finish working, all the crab shops are already closed. Bummer! It's probably that famous that shops ran out of it quick. Next time!

I may have missed the rest but I wouldn't miss Takoyaki! I had too much of it too be honest. But! I'm not complaining! It's not my favorite food for nothing. And I was told that Takoyaki in Osaka is different and man it is. It was delicious!

Dotonbori at Night

Because we couldn't have crab, we ended up to a place where they serve fried stuff and it was sooo good! Apparently, it's a popular place for foreigners in Osaka.  

After work and a little bit of sight-seeing  , we headed to the hotel and went to our rooms to rest because man I was from my night shift and went straight to Shinagawa for the Shinkansen transfer in the morning and I guess the only sleep I got was in between Nagoya and Kyoto.

Come morning, I had a little more time to spare and so I walked around the area from end to end. But of course it rained. Welcome to my life. It added drama to my stroll to be honest. You know, I was walking and just counting blessings. 

The office is actually in Shinbashi, Osaka so I only had a chance to explore around the area but I might go further soon! I don't know. Ehem Universal Studios Japan.

This is where I walked being emo and shizz.

Selfie 2.0

They do have this place that feels very much like Harajuku and so you know, we all know I can just skip this place. 

Hotate! The only thing I regret is that I only ate one! I should have eaten 3 or 4 or 5! Sooo good!

Takoyaki with  baby octopus! Yas! Not octopus bits but baby octopus! Are these baby octopus? Am I asking a dumb question? Do you have anything against me now? LOL! Come at me! 

I can eat this forever!

Belgian Chocolate Gelato

Wrapping my Osaka food trip is something from Kobe. And yes, they're raw beef! And yes, they are good! Fatty and good! Anyways, I am going back for another trip in the next 2 months or less so expect something like this from me again! See yah!


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