Osakura Ramen Review

June 15, 2017

The OG! This is my family's favorite ramen place ever since. I've been going here since I was 9 or something. Man, that's a solid 16 years. Delicious place! 


Gyoza! Also probably the tastiest gyoza I've had in a while. 

Traditional Ramen. Always a winner! Like how I remember it. 

The fam after we went to Yomiuri. Ramen is life. 


Mika, Mari, and I had this finish the ramen challenge and Mika and I nailed it.  Mari, however, made her ramen like a sinigang or paksiw by adding too much vinegar so you already know. 

I went alone the next time and so glad it's relatively kind of near to my place and that I can just go anytime. 

Yassssss! チャシュ is always the best way to test a ramen place and this one passed big time but the plain ramen is more of my thing. That's it!

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