Disney Sea 2017

June 02, 2017

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea the second time around. This time with my sisters and we all know that we're gonna make the most out of this and boy that's what we did. 

Totally not in any way convenient because I won't have a link to click or something but I also vlogged!! Like, what? Also I realized that it's probably not for me. Hahaha so tiyaga tiyaga nalang. 

Since Disney Sea is kinda far from Maihama Station, we had to ride the Disney train and it was awesome. I mean, with all the Disney stuff they have going on. 

Still confused as to why this is the landmark sort of. I'm only seeing the Earth and not like how it would only represent SEA. I mean, do you get it? Does anybody? 

still my favorite ride

If you're ever gonna go to Disney, ride the Tower of Terror twice. Day and night. It's the same ride for sure but the view is different. Both magical though. For some reason, I have a recollection of this from childhood. My mom made it very clear though that we all haven't been to Disney Sea prior so I think Tower of Terror might be part of Disneyland before. Or is it? Anybody?


We weren't able to ride this thing. We had loads of time but you know, this one ride we think is okay to pass. 

Turkey Leg!!

We ordered milk with it. I thought it's gonna be weird but hey, it was okay. 

nom time

Can I just say that we were at Disney Sea around 9 and went home at 10 when they closed. We were there for almost 11 hours!!! Yay! 

It's almost summer but it was cloudy when we went so we didn't have any trouble with the weather. It got cold at night though and I was barely wearing pants so...

I think Indiana Jones is my second favorite ride. I don't even know why myself. Anyways, it was Tuesday when we went and generally, it was not sooo crowded like the usual Disney. Plus! We got fast passes! 


There were also lotsa characters on the loose! Monkey, Goofy, Lilo and Stitch, Chips and Dale, Pluto, Prince Erick, Abu, and some other characters I can't remember. Winner! 

Ariel's Castle

The only thing I don't like about Disney Sea is the absence of Cinderella's Castle. But this is beautiful too! 

One thing I missed last time is notice how beautiful Disney Sea is in general. Like, each area brings you to a different world. Maybe that's why they put the Earth outside. 

I also have a picture like this from last time. Just sayin'.

It's not as magical as Disneyland but it's beautiful! 

Also what I missed last time is to enter this cavern. Most magical place in Disney Sea if you ask me. Too kiddy but still! We saw Ariel perform inside the theatre and it's so nice and almost funny to see my sister Mika fangirling. Hahaha 

Caravan Carousel

I just realized that I can't learn to forgive amusement parks without carousels.


I think I mentioned this from last time but this part of the park reminds me a lot of Tangled. Also Macau. 

Let's recognize the fact that I am already kind of freezing cold during this time but whatevs. 

I also missed the parade last time and made sure I wouldn't miss this time and guess what? I didn't. That's a first. Well with all the stuff happening kind of far away from where I stand, I wouldn't say it's the best thing ever. 

Venetian Gondola

This is like the most chill and relaxed ride and I don't mind riding this over and over again. I will make sure to ride this in the morning next time. That's all I have to say I guess? Take note that this almost a three week old post waiting to happen but hey, your girl have been hella busy so...bye~

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