Yomiuri Land

June 15, 2017

Yomiuri Land. Actually, this is not part of the plan. It just happened. This is also a park that closes at a very weird time. 6:15pm, like, are you kidding me?

Mascots. It was such a hot day when we went but glad we were able to do most of our thing so that's always great, yeah? We probably missed 3 rides but whatever.

Yas. It was really hot that day but you know, nothing can stop us when it comes to this kind of place so...it didn't really matter much.

The view is beautiful. I mean, not Disney grade beautiful but it's definitely something. If I were to compare it to anything, it looks like a carnival with all their banderitas and stuff. I may have told everyone about how I can't accept theme parks that doesn't have carousels but I'm also thinking theme parks should have ferris wheels! So kayo nalang mag adjust for me. Hahaha

summer heat, man

They have humidifier almost everywhere so we won't die. It's a thing. 

Probably Mari's favorite ride but man, Mika and I couldn't hate this more. I feel like I'm gonna die in this 360° loop thing. There's one like this in Fuji Q too. We hated that one as well. I'm not scared of the ride itself though. More like the locks or something. The thing about this is I'm so heavy that I feel like my weight's gonna break the lock. Well that's probably the point of the ride. Or so I think. 

Standing roller coaster. This one's interesting as well. It has like a loop too but yeah, not too scary. After Fuji Q, it's gonna be hard to scare the hell out of me. 

They do have 2 drop thingy. The yellow one shoots up like a rocket and drops fast but tolerable. The red one goes up slowly but drops like hell. These two rides are equally scary so I do recommend you try both. 

sea lion theatre

One thing I find odd is that they have a sea lion show. It's not much and for me they messed up a lot of times but hey, change is good I guess.

My favorite ride is probably Bandit. A roller coaster ride that goes thru the forest with perfectly timed drops to keep your heart pounding. It's kinda nice.

posting because I kinda look nice here

I don't usually eat churros but when I do, it's probably in a team park! It was a delicious churros. I remember I got milk and man it was so milky. But also salty. Now I'm confused. You already know!

This place is relatively near so I'm looking forward to going here again. Probably when the Christmas lights are up again. I heard it's beautiful during the season.

We look so exhausted. Maybe because we were trying to squeeze in so many things and we got so little time. Meh. But I also take the blame kind of because we went a little later than planned but yeah, still not happy about their closing time.


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