Fuji-Q Highland 2017

June 06, 2017

At last!! I wanted to go here for the longest time and so glad I did! I was actually supposed to go with beshy Glaiza and her sister but you know, family! :D So glad I caught up with her in Harajuku though. 

As you may all know, we live in the beautiful (?) province of Sagamihara and to get to Shizuoka, it took us about 2 hours I think. Actually, it took us a little longer because Google Maps. Pahamak ka GIRLY ha! 

Pimples, when will you leave me alone? 

So we arrived around 11:30 already and we were all panicking because the park closes 5:00. In Tokyo, everything starts at 6 basically so it weirds me out. Also, they have 4 World Records FFS! Extend extend din!  

So yeah. The first ride destroyed us. Well, Mika and I. Because we were riding the water splash thing, aye? We even bought raincoats so we won't get wet and all. When we were about to drop, I was trying hard to put the hood on but then it all happened quickly and the next thing I know, my hair's wet already. Mika got it worst! She wet her top and all! Then we have our sister Mari sitting pretty and dry basically. 

We were able to ride 2 out 4 of the deadliest coasters or something though. The one being the longest and tallest and the other one the steepest. Man, we died. My sister Mari thought she'd pass out and all and I was there laughing at her. We missed 1 during that day and that one would be the roller coaster with the most rotation. The other record holder is under maintenance so we can't really do anything about that. Fastest roller coaster at lauch. 

They have few horror houses that are dead terrifying. But then it closes at like 1 or something so of course we weren't able to go. Man, who does that???? They have in here the longest horror house I think. 


Mt.Fuji, you're the star. 

You already know. 

Lunch time! My sisters had ramen and I had Loco Moco burger thing. For some reason, I always see myself going for something more Hawaiian. Is this a sign? 

It was so hot that day so we ended lunch with a cup of ice cream. Choco mint for life!

You know, despite all the bad things I had to say, I really enjoyed my stay. It was a nice park. 

I hope to be back soon! We know better. Go a lot earlier! And probably not on a Monday. 

So yeah, that's it. Bye! 

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