SNSD is Back! (Holiday & All Night)

August 12, 2017

SNSD is back! Actually, I thought they already disbanded or something but I guess only one of them backed out. Yup! Welcome to your tape, Jessica Jung. JK! Good for her! I mean, let her do her thing!

Two music videos came out earlier this month and yeah they're both okay. Good to hear from an OG Kpop group that's for sure. 


Who did this to you, baby girl? Definitely not something I think she should rock. Or it's probably just the bangs. 

Sunny! So refreshing to see her. I actually don't remember if I like her or Hyoyeon more but one thing is for sure, I do like them both! 


I liked the Holiday music video better I think. 

Glam! Just a disclaimer though, I speak no Korean so I don't really know if the music video is relevant whatnot so don't ask. 

All Night

Yas Sunny!

I don't really like Sooyoung much but damn her looks' on point!!! She was soooo gorgeous!! Also very very skinny! 

Again, I don't know what this is all about. I would guess but believe me, you wouldn't want to know. Also, I saw this on SME's YouTube and it said there clean version so you know...That's all! Bye~

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