Osaka V2.0

Aori Ramen

Boss told me this would be a delicious place to eat ramen but it was just okay. Ichiran level actually. 

the crew
It's awesome how you can have a boss around your age. I mean, I don't necessarily hate working with older people but you know, the vibe's definitely different when you're with people who see things somehow closer to how you do. Best of both worlds?


When we arrived, we only had around an hour to spend before work so you know, we did the touristy stuff like walking around Dotonbori and taking pictures and stuff.

At night though, the big boss arrived and he treated us to Yakiniku!!! It was delish!


No joke! Delicious yakiniku!


Homegirl is dragging me with her to Australia. I'm not completely against it by the way. Who knows, right? Brave! 

Big boss spent 20,000 plus yen for this specific Big Bang machine but sadly didn't get the prize so whatever. He was asking me to try but you know! Waste of money, if you ask me. Basically the staff kept adding and adding and adding an item to the prize and so yeah. 

So you know, as per usual, I didn't have much time so I didn't really go very far from the office and for some reason, it's okay. Hell it would be a lot better if I'd be able to go to USJ already but it's all good! So after that drunk night, I surprisingly woke up at around 4, showered, and I thought I'd go for a walk because unlike my first work trip, I have to work on the second day as well so I don't really have much time unless I make some. 

I therefore conclude that Osaka is a lot better without anyone. I mean, it's calm, quiet, and all that. 

morning coffee
So you know, I decided to walk, right? There were two different guys who went to me and they were iniviting me to their IZAKAYA whatever and you know I just told them I'm already drunk. One of them let me go quickly but one was pushy. Oh well. He was cute but goodness gracious. 

So then I figured that they don't operate the Don Qui stuff but they're asking people out so what's causing the delay?

no joke matcha

After our second day of work, Seshi and I roamed around a bit and ate a lot!


Dragged Seshi to my favorite Takoyaki place. 

why of course

 That's all!


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