Happy Holidays! 2015

December 30, 2015


Holidays in the Philippines. We may be incomplete in numbers but not in spirit. You know, it somehow feels strange that my lola is gone. At times I feel like she's just around watching over us. Well of course seeing someone physically is  different but you know what I mean?

Man if it's hard for me, it sure is harder for my mom. The night of my arrival, my mom told me that she just put these lights up for me to feel the spirit of Christmas but if I weren't here, she wouldn't have done this. My feels. 

But you know, with or without these lights, even without lola, I can feel it deep in my core (Christmas spirit). I know that she wanted me to come home this season so having fulfilled that, even if I can't see her, like, emotionally, I'm okay. Of course there are time when I feel like breaking down but you know, generally, I am okay. It turned out that this post got nothing to do with Holidays but anyways, gotta let my feelings out. And again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ;)

December 25, 2015, for the first time in forever, we went to the church without lola. It was an odd feeling but you know, not bringing it up and reflecting kind of makes it easier by a whole lot. I personally prayed for peace of mind. For us not to dwell on things that will make us weep.

I would love to see this tree at night. 

It was my second mass since I got back from Japan and I was really stoked and happy that I get to attend this ceremony again. Just to put it on record, I didn't attend mass for the whole duration that I was in Japan. I know I should fulfill my duty wherever I am but you know, I'll probably start you with "I will go if I feel like listening to the homily and not be physically inside the church and have my mind somewhere else." So there's that. 

I always tell everyone how beautiful our churches are. Like, it's a work of art. With every details and all that stuff. They're just really pretty to look at. If  I can, I want to go to as many churches as possible. Ciao!

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