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December 27, 2015

I always look forward to Paskuhan. I wasn't able to go last year so I was looking forward to attending this one. And I'm still debating whether I enjoyed or not. Okay maybe I'm being too harsh. Just gotta say I did. 

UST MAIN BUILDING at its best. That time, they invited peeps from Panasonic and they planned to turn the Main Building in some sort of a projector and so we waited for like 20 minutes or show before the "show". 


Kudos to us for actually being extra patient and accomplishing everything. 

This is when they were just calibrating the projectors. It was actually already really pretty that time. We weren't in the best position to appreciate the show fully but it was awesome nonetheless.

Basically the show was about the Nativity. Then the spirit of giving and all that. 

Can I just say that after this projection thing, there was some sort of a stampede. I don't really get some people who "attend" Paskuhan but don't really bother watching any of it. Like, people who just stay in the CAR PARK LANE. Yup! 7 years, same problem. And yes, that caused the stampede. Which leads me to my second point.


Different events, different venues. So much hassle. Basically, we needed to move from the Main Building to the Practice Gym, to the Grandstand, then back to the gym again. Why? I get that it's muddy and all that but that's not the point! Two years ago, the same thing happened and we survived the muddy grandstand. Sort of. Also, to top it all off, it was raining that time so moving around was made more difficult. HASSLE. HASSLE. 


This post is becoming more of a rant but you know, please understand that this is what's on my mind. 

But you know, I still kept my cool. Kind of. Hahaha. I was actually a little bit worried because it rained hard during the fireworks so I thought they're gonna stop the presentation at some point but nah. 

UST Paskuhan Fireworks 2015

The fireworks was predictably awesome but lacked in music. I was expecting a pyromusical but should have went to a different place if I wanted that perfected so yeah. I still think the other years' display were better. Anyways, after the fireworks, we went back to the gym and our initial position, the front, was already occupied. We barely can see the stage at this time. Meh. 

At the end, it was great. Not my favorite out of the 7 Paskuhans that I've witnessed but you know, it doesn't have to be the same all the time anyways. Ciao!

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