Everyday Cheers! Milk Tea

December 29, 2015

I have tried the teas here before and I remember liking it and their SMORES. For some reason, we didn't order it the first time I revisited. 

Us three. 

Bestfriend and I ordered Dark Chocolate Rock Salt and Cheese whilst the cousin ordered that in the middle. 

Cheese flavored French Fries. 

Also one of the reasons I liked it here is that it used be a pretty place. It turned out high school students ruined it. Like, everything is vandalized and all that. 

I hope they would renovate and be stricter about this issue though. If I see someone, susumbong ko talaga. Haha forever kontra bida. 

The second time I revisited, I went with my bestfriend and two sisters. 

The forever magka-away sisters. 

Smores! Here's the catch though! Before, there used to be a solid piece of Hershey's Bar inside the smores but now, they just blessed it with chocolate sauce. With that being said, it's not as good as it was before. Please bring back the previous recipe kahit add it to the cost nalang. I hate it when restos settle for something lesser just to keep up their price. Some people have to understand that some people are willing to pay for the prize. Ciao! 

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