December 24, 2015

Takasaki has been one of my favorite cities to visit recently. It`s not much but going here kind of gives me a peace of mind of some sort.

When we were in Yokohama, I saw this double deck-ish kind of train compartment and it was my first time seeing one so I was like, what the heck is this? And Bry explained that it is a GREEN CAR and it is where passengers can somehow ride (for a cost) to avoid the hassle of standing and/or crowded trip. I initially thought it's only for airports and stuff. 

As a rule, you have to tap your SUICA CARD right  away or else the attendant would have to ask you to pay in cash. What happened to us is that we didn't have a loaded card so cash it was. The fee actually depends on your destination and I remember ours was like 1000 yen plus each so yeah it`s kind of pricey but I can imagine how convenient this gimmick would be for late commuters or like PWD.

The smell of poultry. I haven`t even thought of that when I first exited the station but Bry kind of pointed it out. It was bothersome the first few times but I guess it grew on me and I don`t mind it much now. 

Very subtle station. 

It`s one of Gunma`s major station and with Shinkansen connections all over, I can see why. The station is actually quite big and quite lots of stalls to visit and there are actually quite a lot of local souvenir shops so awesome. 

I have actually been here for maybe like 8 times or more but I still haven`t got in the building at the back. Although I should have. But I don`t know when I`ll be back here. 

It was September when I first visited so it`s like a transition to fall but the trees there were kind of ahead the season so I was like, must take pictures!

As mentioned, they actually are somehow an agricultural city of some sort so they did have quite a lot of rice fields and stuff. The first time I visited, this is how it looked like. 

Couple of visits after, they turned yellow. Am I the only one amazed how nature works? 

Totally out of the plan but there`s actually a park nearby and obstacle courses and it`s totally not the ideal activity considering the time but it turned out to be a great idea. 

When we visited, I remember this day being the day the moon turn BLOOD RED but I guess not in ASIA but we did get quite an awesome view that night with the stars surrounding and shining from above.

Then this happened. 

Harvest season!

I saw how it happened. I feel like a proud momma. Hahahaha 

Even this is nice to look at. Like, you can see that Japan is not only about Tokyo. 


Inside the train.

On the difference note, you`ll be amazed on how vintagey the trains are there. Some modern and some are like this and I`m not even complaining. It`s awesome as it is. It`s like Japan way back when. I suggest you do visit Gunma. Ciao!

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