My Top Japanese Snacks

September 29, 2017

Childhood favourite snacks. They say change is good but boy, not for snacks I think. These are legit good by the way! :) Leggo! 

1. Nori Potato Chips 

The OG! Back in my day, there are only two variants. The other one is the salted chips in orange bag but even then I liked this better. I actually like this better than any chips out in the market right now. And man there are way sooo many!! 

2. Chocolate Chou Cream 

Man, this brings back so many good memories! Hidemi and I used to devour this!! I don't even like the real deal chou cream. You know, it's the consistency of it that I am not a fan of but this one is actually good! Well mainly because this is more like the junk food version but whatever. 

3. Galbo

I'm not a fan of chocolate on its own but if it's with wafer or something, I'm all for it! This one is my favorite of its kind. It's actually the mini version of what I used to eat growing up. It's totally the same but the original packaging is more of my thing. This mini version takes off the joy of opening individual packets containing the chocolate stick. Anyways! Still good though!

4. Takenoko no Sato

Also something that brings back good memories! Also something Hidemi and I used to feast on. This one is not even that good (good enough tho) but I still eat this once in a while just because it has pensieve-y effect on me. 

5. Almond Chocolate

Yas! Classic! Also something I am all for are nuts covered chocolates! Sooo genius! 

Life (snacking) is a little bit more complicated now. There are just a lot of flavors out to choose from. Back in my day, it's just one or two. Now, they give you 10! I may be exaggerating but you get the point, aye? I'm not complaining though! You know, I actually notice myself clinging back to what I'm used to every now and then. Sure I try new stuff and all but man, I guess it's hard to beat the OG. I mean they lasted more than 2 decades (according to my calendar coz I'm 25 and not in the mood to research but is keen to type! lol) for a reason, yeah? That would be all! 

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